Kiosko el Pirata Formentera

Kiosko Pirata

Ses Illetes Beach

There is a legend about a pirate in Ses Illetes who was searching endlessly for a Caribbean beach to retire.
He found what he thought was his dream: long ivory-colored beaches in the sun.

To his surprise, he was told by the local people that the aerea was Ses Illetes Beach,
which is part of the Natural Park of this little piece of the Mediterranean. Currently in that little piece there is the Kiosko El Pirata boat.

Like a pirate in the Caribbean, but in Formentera. Do you want to see the treasure that captivated him?
Eat and drink like a king, like he did? Visit Kiosko El Pirata and join our ship.
We are located where this incredible story has happened and many more, come and create your own legend.

"Come to enjoy your Pirata's experience"

Kiosko el Pirata Formentera
Kiosko Pirata

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It is the perfect place as a Formentera beach restaurant for your events and celebrations. The Kiosko Pirata is unique for its atmosphere, decoration and design.

Where we are?

Kiosko Pirata Ses Illetes

Kiosko Pirata Ses Illetes
Camino de Ses Illetes, 128
07871, Illes Balears
36º36'67.7" N / 42º90'81.6 E